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Posted on February 22, 2017 in x64
DU Meter 6


UK Meter is an application, the volume of traffic or data. By the system, without the need for expensive software that helps network administration

UK Meter is a free utility that extensive logging function comprisesa, flexible events system, and works with virtually all types of network connections including phone modems, DSL, cable modem, LAN and satellite. When using UK Meter, you can observe or anticipate changes annisgwyla received even network activity unexpectedly opasnyhili warned.From fairly basic use UK Meter has now updated to make pretty impressive package, which significantly improved graphical user interface and a new mini-mode where umfasstProgramm work extremely sensible. Moreover, the program now uses a real database engine, which allows unusual network activity much more accurate and detailed warnings. nodynhynny thanks in Windows Vista, UK Meter even more accessible gadzhetovchto sidebar that are not available inOther versions of Windows.

For basic monitoring and preventing loss of Internet or network activity unexpectedly abnormal, UK Meter is required.


location correction

Poor localization after upgrading cut: Some localization files are updated properly in the upgrade process.

it was not the language setting UK Meter adlewyrchu’rinterfeysavErgebnis actual language.

A few typos and other minor errors in the text set locally.

UK Meter header text will be displayed inincorrect after you change the language.

GUI fixes

Tape does not work correctly DUMeter task on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 if it really was a classical theme.

Network Connection Viewer displays will not be the names of some of the processes.

Connecting the Network Viewer now fully podderzhivaetIPv6.

Mini ClickMae her way twice, independently of the taskbar enables UK group Meter visible or not.

UK Meter “beep” Clipping bad.

now no notification registerdialogue will be displayed full screen is active when applicaton (game, video, etc.)

Two reports of the recording of the communication have been shown sometimes after restart.

Startup and Shutdown Fixes

UK can not start when Windows Meter preryvistoNe starts automatically when the input is enabled.

DUNid Meter service is running properly on some computers Windows XP works with SSD drives (a 111 error reporting in the Windows Event Log).

Rare defects on Windows shutdowndefined.

corrective adjustments

WD meter installation should not proceed with installation if not Base Filtering Engine (PFE) is working properly on your computer.

UK Meter service was as a center depending on the Windows Filtering Engine identifiziertVista vague and ddiweddarachFersiynau.

UK service Meter service set yet sometimes leaves not registered properly during the update process.

other corrections

UK correction Meter Service error messages: Error unrecordedAlways in the error log.

UK Meter error log can grow without limitation: statements component of a new error is prevented.

Ticket static discharge treated in the UK service Meter: Meter UK k├ÂnnteStifte ends when no one notices and board gwaithwedi is scheduled to be recorded is performed.

IPv4 filter mask has been entered correctly in locations UK Meter when the user’s IP address filter is being used.

DU Meter 6

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